Sonora Desert


On our last day in Arizona we decided to sleep in and missed the sunrise.  We left Mike’s camper early to go for a hike in the Sonora Desert National Monument.  We started out early, obviously, to beat the heat.  We walked out to an old coral and did some investigating on the way.  As you can guess there were mostly cacti, but took some time to check them out.  There is a certain beauty to the desert, but it is definitely not some place I would want to live for an extended period of time.   While we were out there I was hoping to find some lizards, especially a Gila Monster, or I wanted to see a snake.  There is not much else out there.  Unfortunately or fortunately, I did not find either one.

After our hike in the desert we returned for a great breakfast and then headed out to find some cranes we had seen the night before.  We are not sure why there were so many cranes in the area, but they were hanging out along some of the irrigation ditches.  My guess is that they are in the process of migrating.  

Mike took us to see the town of Gila Bend, there is not much there.  We visited their favorite tourist shop and then went back to the camper so Mary and I could prepare to leave.  It was a pretty uneventful day to an extremely fun, but busy weekend.  I loved the trip and am looking forward to sharing pictures very soon.



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