Day 2 Qatar

I finally got some sleep today and was ready this afternoon to check out the town. My aunt took me to see The Pearl, which is an island that is being built out in the sea. We also went to Katara where they are planning to develop a large film school and where they already have a lot of their fine arts programs. I was able to see a lot of the bay and feel the humidity that they can get here. Being surrounded by ocean on three sides can do that. Tomorrow or Tuesday I will take a boat ride into the bay. There is not much to do during the day because most places are closed for Ramadan. Tuesday, I have been told we are going to the beach and a group of them plan to take me out into the desert. I am learning a lot and trying to take it all in. This has been a great trip so far and I leave for Kenya at 2:30 am Qatar time on Wednesday. Plan to talk tomorrow.


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